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Greek tragedy – no longer a myth

Greek tragedy may have evolved, as Aristotle put it as a “song for the sacrifice of the goat”, depicting the ancient rites in the 5th century BC based on Greek myths, but now that mythical tragedy is taking a whole new meaning.

Greece might have invented democracy, produced the subtleties of logical deduction and mastered […]

Voltaire Lecture 2015: ‘Fighting machetes with pens’

The transcript of Voltaire Lecture 2015 by Rafida Ahmed Bonya

Hi Everybody,

I would like to thank British Humanist Association, such a historical and prestigious organization, for giving me the chance to speak with you.

My late-husband, Dr. Avijit Roy and I were Bangladeshi-American citizens and Humanists, and we are the recent victims of Islamic […]

Rafida Ahmed Bonya to deliver Voltaire Lecture 2015 on July 2

Writer Rafida Ahmed Bonya (hereafter Bonya), the wife of the founder of Mukto-Mona, famous freethinking Bengali writer Avijit Roy (1972-2015; hereafter Avijit), has arrived in London to deliver this year’s prestigious Voltaire Lecture organized by British Humanist Association (BHA). The lecture will be held in Hilton London Metropole Hotel on July 2. BHA is organizing […]

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An appeal to the citizens of Bangladesh

By The Secular Mind

The grip the parties of God have on our nation seems to be clasping down with more ferocity every moment. It is no longer entirely safe to voice a secular opinion, lest one risks their personal well-being. We find ourselves in a precarious situation. It is no longer safe to criticise the […]

Islamists and Bangladesh

An Islamist lives in this world to go to ‘Bahist’ in life hereafter. Allah has sent him to this world only to praise and propagate HIM. Islamist’s main duty in this world is to praise Allah and adopt the millennium old culture of Arabia. He is obliged to try hard to convert all non-believers to […]

Oil diplomacy & Islamic diplomacy

Life and social system in Arabia almost remained unchanged from the time of Muhammad to the beginning of twentieth century. Being a harsh desert land with sparse population of mostly nomadic Bedouins and a few settlements of Arabs with very little natural resources, Arabia was residing in inertia of rest from 7th century AD. For […]

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Mukto-Mona to receive ‘The Bobs jury award’

As you might already know, The Bobs — Best of Online Activism 2015 — has given a jury award in the category of “Social Change” to Mukto-Mona. Adelheid Feilcke, Head of Partnership and Project Management of DEUTSCHE WELLE (DW), has sent the following letter to Bonya Ahmed inviting her to the reception ceremony of the […]

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