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Islamic Digital Terrorism: Story of Syndicated attack on Secular Voices

This is how Islamists attack
Humanist IDs and Pages on Facebook.
 Abuse of Facebook auto-suspension moderation by mass false reporting. 
‘Reporting Groups’ concept used by Islamists congregating to serve one purpose only, false-report to Facebook, in masses
Few days ago, I came across an article being shared by Atheist Republic, discussing how they are under attack after publishing the Rainbow […]

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Winter Elegy

Ashraful Alam

Once upon a time in a small suburban town centre called Sunshine, I was in desparate search of Sunshine every morning. That was my first winter down under, in this Terra Australis Incognita, thousands of miles away from where I spent 30 winters of my life hitherto. The gloomy days and chilling nights of […]

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Conflict of religion with science and free-thinking

by Quamrul Haider(1) and Anisur Rahman(2)

Science and religion are two distinct and disparate strands of human thoughts, each operating under its own epistemological position. Ever since the dawn of civilization, religion never existed harmoniously with science and free-thinking. This is because they lie at the opposite ends of the spectrum of rational human inquiry and […]

American Jews and our non-Jewish Allied should rally in support of the nuclear deal with Iran

by Rabbi Michael Lerner

We in the liberal and progressive wing of the Jewish world must loudly and publicly congratulate the negotiators who achieved a deal that will prevent Iran from developing the capacity to build nuclear weapons in the coming years, an agreement that also promises an end to economic sanctions. We are glad […]

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Unholy Saudi-Zionist Alliance

A ground breaking deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran on the one hand and world’s six most powerful nations – USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China – as well as the EU on the other hand had been concluded just a few hours earlier today, the 14 July 2015. After ten years of […]

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For the Poor Boy Who Was Born in a Wrong Place

I am feeling sick looking at the face of the poor boy from Sylhet, Bangladesh, who was beaten to death on July 8, 2015.

Four adult criminals are committing such a horrendous act so coolly, with one of them filming the video. The 13 year old, Samiul Alam Rajan, was accused of stealing a three-wheeler rickshaw […]

Statement from Mukto-Mona on recent false media claims about Avijit Roy’s killers

Recently we’ve come across several news items related to the investigation of the murder of Avijit Roy, writer and founder of Mukto-Mona. We, the Mukto-Mona group, are protesting these attempts to create sensation among readers through glib and misleading clickbait headlines such as “Bonya Ahmed Identified Avijit Roy’s Murderers” or “Bonya’s Friend Provided Information to […]

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