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From Bangladesh to Darfur: Racism among Muslims

How internalised racism has permitted lighter skinned
Muslims to slaughter their darker skinned co-religionists.

Speech by Tarek Fatah
The Durban Review Conference
Geneva, Switzerland

Dear NGO colleagues and delegates,

I speak to you deeply disappointed that my colleague Milly Nsekalije, a survivor of the Rwandan massacre could not share her story with all of you because in the eyes of some […]

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Student politics and the AL government

Bijon B Sarma

INRODUCTION : At times it is said that “not a live one, but a rotten snail cuts one’s leg”. The proverb might become true in case of politics of the students of Bangladesh Awami League. Bangladesh Awami League (henceforth to be mentioned as AL) has excellent records winning by struggle with the odds, […]

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Dance with dead bodies and the administration’s silence

forwarded by Sumitra Padmanavan

Have you ever seen people dancing with holding different parts of dead bodies in hand? If not, then visit Kurmun, Parui, Palashie, Kubajpur, Arachi and some other adjacent areas of those villages in Burdwan on the occasion of ‘Gajon’ which is helo on Chaitra Sannkranti ( Last day of Bengali […]

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