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Catholic family in Dhaka attacked with gunfire

By William Gomes

A Catholic family of the Dhaka diocese, under the St. Lawrence Catholic Church, was attacked by local Muslims on Oct. 22, 2009, at around 7:30 p.m. Some people fired guns aimed at the house of the Catholic family. The St. Lawrence Catholic Church is a Catholic church with 1,000 Catholic families.

Rita Gomes, […]

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The Quran: The Mountains are Extra Terrestrial

The Quran says that the mountains were dropped on the Earth, after its creation, to stop it from swaying!
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Beauty a curse in Bangladesh

Some people might say that beauty becomes a curse for a woman who is raped. But I disagree with the idea that the woman’s physical beauty is a curse, because it is not beauty that causes sexual violence; the main cause is the beast inside of man. Not all of the women or girls who […]

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If not they, then who?

Ripan Kumar Biswas

TIMOTHY F. Geithner, who is now secretary of treasury under the Obama administration, had to pay more than $43,200 in back taxes and interest for underpayments from 2001 to 2004 to get clearance from the Senate Finance Committee to occupy the then President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for treasury secretary.

To meet the transparency of […]

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Rape is inevitable if not punished

WE will not mind if Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski is tried per the same law that applies to anyone who commits such a crime, because letting this kind of crime go unpunished is not only a miscarriage of justice but also a slap to humanity. Polanski, 76, who drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl in […]

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Attention Please! Someone Needs Our Help Desperately.

Dear All,

I got this news from some of the organizers and trying to spread as much as I can. I expect the same from all of the MM members and visitors. Please spread the news within your network; all you have to do is just forward this in your circle. […]

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Muhammad had Violated the Qur’an–part 4


After Part -1 | Part -2 |  Part-3 …


Violating the Quran, Muhammad offered funeral prayers for a hypocrite and the Christian King of Ethiopia

The Qur’an forbade Muhammad and Muslims to offer funeral prayers for any non Muslims. In fact, the Qur’an is so strict on this that when Muhammad was contemplating a memorial service for the […]

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