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Pat Robertson Said It Again, But What’s With Bob McDonnell??

Pat Robertson Said It Again, But What’s With Bob McDonnell??

Abdur Rahman Abid

After the shooting rampage at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas by Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Palestine-origin Muslim American serving the U.S. military who was critical of U.S. military activity in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pat Robertson, a renowned Christian evangelical leader, said […]

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A week of carnage : mass murder of animals

Mass murder of helpless animals using brutal methods cannot be considered self-sacrifice.
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English and imperialism in Bangladesh

From lecturers to rickshaw drivers, Bangladeshis feel proud to learn English and wish to forget their mother language of Bangla. Due to the stature English has retained from colonial times, some wish their mother tongue was English and feel cursed instead of blessed by the Bangla language.
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Dreaming of a better day for Bangladesh

“Beware of Bangladesh” was the cover title of the April 4, 2002 issue of Hong Kong-based magazine The Far Eastern Economic Review. This is the same Bangladesh that came out of a costly nine-month-long liberation war against the Islamic fascists and brutal junta of Pakistan in 1971. The newborn nation was fully inspired by a […]

Finality to unfinished business in B’desh after 34 years!

Finality to the unfinished business in Bangladesh after 34 long years!

A.H. Jaffor Ullah

The nation of Bangladesh with its teeming 160 million people will be anxiously waiting to hear the final verdict of Sheikh Mujib killing case after 34 long years of waiting!  The old axiom “Justice delayed is justice denied” uttered by one-time British MP […]

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The man behind the Islamic Democratic Party

The Daily Star headline “The CID hunts for IDP adviser Azizul Huq” caught my eye recently. The government should dig out who is behind the formation of the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP); it is obviously not Kazi Azizul Huq or Sheikh Abdus Salam. The man behind the scenes has a careful plan behind forming the […]

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Marriage: Myths of Mystery and Misery

The institution of marriage and its history are as long and varied as the history of human race. Many dynasties rose and fell, notable novels and poems were written, and wars were fought over the issue of marriage. Laws were introduced in different parts of the world to protect the institution of marriage.

Unfortunately, in Bangladesh, […]

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