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The Islamic Mind of Major Nidal Hasan

 Just a few days ago a US army Psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, killed in cold blood 12 US soldiers and wounded 30 others. Main stream media says he was a loner, a frustrated person, who acted alone to soothe his dissatisfaction through slaughtering unarmed, unprovoked servicemen. It is like a lunatic gone loose—the media […]

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Jiten Roy




We may not be always aware that, our thinking is prejudiced by our ideologies (religious, racial, social, political etc.). If that happens, we are not really free-thinkers. Are we? Then, who are free-thinkers?


A free-thinker can interpret his/her surrounding circumstances without prejudice. He is a contrarian, and he understands the fact that there […]

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