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Keeping in mind the violent unrest in today’s Bangladesh, a relook into some already known information has become imperative for all sensible people of Bangladesh.


As per the current scientific knowledge, our universe was born about 13.8 billion years ago. There are more than 500 million galaxies in the universe. ‘Milky Way’, the galaxy in which […]

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Bangladesh Must Fight this Terrorism

The following is a pretty benign picture of what is going on in Bangladesh in the name of democratic movement!

Opposition-called blockade supporters dug up a trench at Goreya on Gaibandha-Palashbari road, severing road communications between Gaibandha and other districts. Photo from the Daily Star

Isn’t this picture quite generous by the current Bangladeshi standard? There […]

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Jamaat-e-Islami: The Cradle of Islamic Extremism

Bangladesh will have to undo the Maududian infiltration of its state and society if it wants to be a true secular democratic country. It means uprooting Jamaat and its affiliated organizations from our society forever. It means purging the state and its machinery of elements that are furthering the Jamaat’s hate-filled agenda. The time has […]

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In search of identity

Many of us label Bangladesh as a moderate Muslim democracy. But the current Awami League government classifies Bangladesh as a secular country. It defines Bangladesh as a “non-communal country” with a “Muslim majority population”. The Awami League emphasizes that the concept of a moderate Muslim democracy cannot be applied in the case of Bangladesh because […]

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AL is historically the party which brought independence to the country. But before getting rid of war criminals and Pakistani collaborators, it submerged into corruption and nepotism. It was criminal offence on the part of AL to deny Bangladeshi people a good governance and progressive development at that time. The Paki collaborators and ISI took […]

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We demand proceedings be brought against the Pakistani War Criminals of 1971 immediately

Written by – Rayhan Rashid

It is time to start proceedings against the Pakistani War criminals as well. We, on behalf of ICSF, demand proceedings be brought against the Pakistani War Criminals of 1971 immediately. It will be an interesting test to observe how sincere this so-called ‘international community’ really is! Ironically, it is this very […]

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Quader Mollah: fact versus fiction

Quader Mollah, the most infamous classmate of mine in my student days in Rajendra College (1964-66,) has become a part of history and probably, nationally and internationally, the most known individual of our class of 1966 superseding even the former cabinet minister of Khaleda Zia’s government, Ali Ahsan Mohammed Mujaheed who, incidentally, also is facing […]

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