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Demand of the Awakened Bengalis of 2013: Severely Punish the killers of 1971!

By: Shabbir Ahmed

The people of Bangladesh went through a long struggle for their independence. It was made awfully bloody by the Pakistani military and their collaborating forces including Jamaat-i-Islami (JI). The founder of JI named Maulana Moududi of Pakistan supported the massacre of Bengalis by the Pakistani military and his followers. He and his cohorts […]

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Why Jamaat is still alive…

Why Jamaat is still alive…
Prafulla Roy
As the mass uprising is continuing at Shahbagh there is a simple question reeling all around. Why is Jamaat still alive? Why is Jamaat surviving?
And answer is Jamaat is still alive and will remain alive. You know why? Let me give you some simple accounts and analyses why Jamaat is […]

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Is Shahbag the Solution?

The rally that was started on February 5, 2013, at the Shahbag intersection in Dhaka was against the sentences that were handed down to Abdul Quader Mollah by the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT). The organizers and the participants of the rally felt that the sentences were too light for the crimes for which he was […]


Among the non-believers, the Western Christians and Jews in general used to have ignorance and indifference about Islam prior to 9/11. But after 9/11 they have become paranoid about Islam and Muslims. On the other side, majority Hindus of Indian sub-continent have been harbouring distaste and hatred towards Muslims since centuries. Many Hindus consider Muslims […]

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The most premeditated of murders

If Mr. Mollah committed the crimes he was convicted for, and if anyone deserves to die, he does. It is hence not surprising that the death penalty is on everybody’s lips in Bangladesh these days. However, we do not wish to comment on the case of Mr. Mollah, as we would hardly be in a […]

Unmasking Jamaat’s chief international propagandist

Unmasking Jamaat’s chief international propagandist

Dr. Jaffor Ullah

There is this person by the name MBI Munshi (Mohammad Munshi) who is at it again now that ‘Bangla Spring’ is in full swing and the movement is gathering steam allover Bangladesh. Mr. Munshi spent time in England and got educated there to become a barrister but he […]

On the Trials and Punishments for the 1971 Crimes against Humanity in Bangladesh

What has been going on in Bangladesh recently is deeply agonizing. The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) has recently sentenced a 1971 war-crime accused to life imprisonment. To a lot of people in the country, that evidently is not a harsh enough punishment for the convicted criminal. Thus, for more than a week now, a seemingly […]

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