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In a central Myanmar town, the local Buddhist mobs have set fire to homes and mosques of Muslims two days back leaving at least 20 people dead and about 6000 homeless. The President of the country has declared a state of emergency in and around the riot ridden town. The attacks on Muslims by Buddhist […]

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The Spirits of 1971 and 2013 (Part III)

This is the third and concluding part of the titled article. For the first and second parts, please see and

Part III: How the Spirits of 1971 and 2013 Compare

The beginning of the national liberation struggle for Bangladesh in the night of March 25, 1971, was spontaneous; the result of an extreme brutalization of […]

The American Dream — An Illusion or Reality?

In the dry, evening heat of Bangladesh, a girl visiting from America stands alone on the balcony of her grandmother’s lavish condominium. Located roughly thirty miles north of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s suffocatingly-populated capital, Uttura Model Town – Uttura, for short – has a suburban character. In […]


Bangladesh National Party (BNP) was formed as result of power hungry Ziaur Rahman’s dream of becoming the “liberator of Bangladesh” and replace Mujib in the history of Bangladesh. To achieve that objective, connivance with Jamaat, Razakar, Albadr and Bangladeshi radical Ullema was a compulsion of Ziaur Rahman. After liberation of Bangladesh, Pakistani ISI was looking […]

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The Spirits of 1971 and 2013 (Part II)

This article attempts to relate the events of 1971 and 2013 in Bangladesh, and to see how they compare and what we could learn from them. For the first part of the article, please see

Again, the subjects are very broad, and my discussions would necessarily be brief on each topic. I would also try […]


BNP Chief Ms Khaleda (leader of opposition) declined to meet the President of India during the latter’s state visit to Bangladesh this week. Such behavior on the part of Ms Khaleda not only speaks volumes about her political compulsion, but also gives her true face as fountain head of Jamaat.

Pakistani Zia Islamised the country […]

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The Spirits of 1971 and 2013

The movement that was started by a group of Bangladeshi youth at the Shahbag intersection in Dhaka on February 5, 2013, has grown tremendously. Initially there was just one podium in Shahbag. Now the youth all over the country have erected “Gonojagoran Manchas” (people’s awakening podiums) in almost every sub-district of the country. The youth, […]

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