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Sayedee’s Face on the Moon: Astronomers’ Nightmare

You ask how is it possible that in the year of 2013, people could be fooled to see a convicted killer’s face on the moon. But that’s what the Jamaat propaganda has accomplished. In the early hours of Sunday morning, in many parts of Bangladesh, Jamaat activists announced, using loudspeakers, that the image of Sayedee […]

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Resist the Host of the Jamaat-I-Islami – a Parasite in the Political Arena of Bangladesh.

By: Shabbir Ahmed

The revival of the fascist Jamaat-I-Islami (JI) was beyond even the wild imagination of the people of Bangladesh after the independence in 1971. However, this happened under the patronization of a military dictator Gen. Zia, only a few years after the independence of Bangladesh. Despite the support of the successive military dictators, JI […]

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Bangladesh is in turmoil. Shahbag has taken a conscious stand in favour of capital punishment for the main war criminals. In doing so it has come in direct conflict with Jamaat. Jamaat and its student wing have been fighting for amalgamation of religion and state. That is why they were against the liberation of Bangladesh […]

Children like yours

It was Shahana’s first trip abroad. Shahana was a 10th-grader at an English medium school in Dhaka, and she was part of a student exchange program that had been jointly established by her school and a partner school in New York City. Every summer, a student from her school is selected and sent to the […]

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