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Secularists are at loggerheads with Islamists in Bangladesh

Many of the observers of Bangladesh knew that sooner or later, the secularists would be in a collision course with the ever growing Islamists. I think we are just seeing the initial confrontation between the two opposing forces. Bangladesh has so many fundamentalist political groups that one would be lost to correctly list them. One […]

The Religion of Politics in Indian Subcontinent

When we talk about weapons of mass destruction, we think of missiles, bombs, nuclear explosions. When we talk about greatest or most destructive innovation by human kind, we talk about atom bombs. But the fact remains; the most destructive force was invented by humans, in very early […]

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IHEU condemns the Arrests of “atheist bloggers” in Bangladesh

Arrests of “atheist bloggers” shows Bangladesh authorities are “walking into a trap set by fundamentalists”



Islamist parties provided a “list” to the authorities detailing “atheist bloggers”
Government promised to take action against the bloggers
Several “atheist bloggers” have already been arrested; the list contains 84 other names

Police in Bangladesh have arrested several “atheist bloggers” and shut down […]

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