Daily Archives: April 29, 2013

No Flag Large Enough to Cover the Shame

What comes to mind when affronted by the picture above? If you didn’t know the story behind the picture, or if you hadn’t been online for the last month, you very well might think that the men standing before you are a gang of thieves who have been caught red-handed. Perhaps this is a picture that border guards have posted of some poachers or drug dealers that they have recently detained. But alas, your speculations would be incorrect if you did indeed believe that the men arrested in this picture are drug lords, poachers, or criminals of any kind. They are, however, a group of brilliant writers. These men are known as bloggers; the items that are displayed in front of them – the bloggers’ own computers and laptops – have been seized and searched by Bangladesh’s law enforcement. What a nice catch our police force has made! ....
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