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There is a book originally written in Urdu by Maulana Abdus Sattar and later translated in Bangla by Mustafa Haroon. The Bangla version was published by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh during 1980. This Bangla book is entitled “Aliya Madrasar Itihash”. Abdus Sattar, in all probability, was an Urdu speaking East Pakistani. The original Urdu book […]

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Unhealthy Bangladesh

Bangladesh is severely ill today; it needs proper treatment, which makes concerned people worried. I am surely concerned about the future of the country. The future of a country depends on the success and failure of her citizens. The people of Bangladesh abroad work very hard, and many of them are successful. A part of […]

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There was a time when many Bengalees sincerely believed that Mamata Banerjee was the only hope against the perpetual tyranny of Commi parties in West Bengal state of India. She represented courage, sincerity, strength and determination to be with the people in their fight against the injustice of Commi parties. These Commi parties took the […]

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Democracy in the Making: Parliamentary Election – Beyond CG

Except for a very small minority at farthest ends of the polarized political spectrum and a few habitual skeptics thrown-in, there is general agreement that Bangladesh should have a democratic system of government. With such broad consensus on the basics, it is exasperating for most citizens to be caught in the battle over how the […]

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Speak, for the Cup of Hemlock is not yet on Your Lips (by- Asif Mohiuddin)

[Moderator’s Note: Asif Mohiuddin who is currently in prison, considered as one of the most outspoken atheist and humanist bloggers of Bangladesh. His writing—which was heavily critical of religious dogma, bigotry and superstition—and his political activism including the Jagannath University protests angered the government, as well as marked the beginning of the threats he received from […]

The dreamers

They burned the witches for the day and tried to clean the air. But the air’s never clean where their breaths have been. The smoke of ideas just circle around and infect. Once infected the symptoms are clear. Your laughter grows too loud, your songs become too free, your eyes see too much. Don’t fret, […]

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