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War Crime Trials and The Role of International Community

It is surprising to see that US, UK, EU and United Nations are not only concerned over the plans to execute the notorious war criminal Quader Molla but they are trying to halt his execution.It is incomprehensible why the growing Islamist militancy in Bangladesh is not causing any concern in the inter­national community […]

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An important and basic issue with Islam is its mandatory ‘religious teaching’ for children. A teacher who imparts Islamic religious teaching to small children is called Hujur in Bangladesh. Children’s minds can be molded as the Hujurs want. Hujurs, who were taught by their Hujurs, teach a new generation of Muslim children about Islam […]

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Passing of Mandela

Passing of Mandela
A Rahman

Nelson Mandela, the icon of freedom, forgiveness and reconciliation; one of the brightest stars of the 20th century’s humility and decency, had passed away peacefully at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday, December 5 2013, aged 95. In breaking the news, South African President Jacob Zuma said, “We have lost […]

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Silver Lining in dark clouds

Bangladesh’s political horizon is now dark and getting darker by the day. A bunch of self-aggrandised predacious people, surrounded by slavish cronies and sycophants, are making the lives of millions of hard-working, self-reliant people up and down the country a total misery.

This is what an unknown middle-aged, working-class house-wife by the name, Gita Sarkar […]

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Reports from India say that Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer who very recently retired from the game at the age of 40 years, has been awarded “Bharat Ratna” the highest civilian award in India. Sachin has been an idol in India and cricketing world. His performance in the game of cricket was un-parallel. In his […]

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In Search of National Identity

Bangladesh, now just one month short of 42, has come a long way from the heady days of 1971 in trials and tribulations of nationhood. By any standards, this is a considerable period of time – long enough to establish its national identity, to position itself in the comity of nations and chart out its […]

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Flagrant Violation of Human Rights

Flagrant Violation of Human Rights

A Rahman

Human rights issues may be the despised terms to some prejudiced sections of the society or even to some despicable sovereign States of the world, but human rights epitomises what is good in human conscience, what constitutes inalienable rights of human beings and above all it highlights the sheer […]

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