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Who cares for Bangladesh?

There had been a number of reports recently in Bangladeshi newspapers regarding the activities of US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Mr Dan W Mozena and the Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Mr Pankaj Saran. It had been alleged, with substance, that these two foreign emissaries were discussing Bangladesh’s present political stalemate situation and charting out the […]

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How Can Something Come From Nothing?

I write and lecture a lot about science and religion. A common question I get from religious believers is “How can something come from nothing?” They seem to think it’s the final clincher proving the existence of God—or at least some form of supernatural creation. Of course, they don’t say how God came from nothing. […]

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When Muslims think or talk about the prophet of Islam, they accept apriori that his prophet-hood was true and absolute. The system of ‘prophet-hood’ had been in the culture of Middle-East Asia in earlier days. If we look at the history of the area, it becomes clear that barring aside the accepted list of prophets […]

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Religious Conversion


Religious conversion is not merely embracing a religion; it is a package deal that includes embracing a religion, embracing a different culture and tradition, ditching parents, relatives, and friends forever. All these effects come in the same package of religious conversion. So, it has much more serious consequences than just following a different religion. In […]

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Happy Blasphemy Day, Happy Birthday ‘Mukto Mona’

I wrote a piece in Bengali on Blasphemy day, 2013.  I could not find time earlier to post this in English blog. Here it is:  


Today is September 30th, also known as Blasphemy Rights day.  This day is dedicated to those who are systematically being persecuted, harassed, or killed for their simple expression of Freethought […]


Girish Chandra Sen was the first Bengali to translate Qur’an in Bengali language during 1886. He was not an upstart but a scholar who read extensively about Islam for some years before embarking on the translation of Qur’an in Bengali. He was a Brahmo missionary and did so at the behest of Brahmo leader Keshub […]

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Masud: “I am a woman”

For better or for worse, people think in boxes. They have boxes for things, and they have boxes for people: Bengali, westerner, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, Asian, White, Black… Curiously, one pair of boxes seems to play a particularly important role in people’s lives: Think about it… What was the first-ever question that anybody has asked […]

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