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In ‘Protham Alo’ of 24th June 2014 an article entitled “Miraj Maha Nabir Shretha Mujija” written by Dr Muhammad Abdul Munim Khan (a university Assistant Professor, researcher and columnist) was published. There was nothing new in the article. It was the as-usual-things describing the nocturnal celestial journey of Prophet. The article ended with the standard […]

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TV should tell bloody histories of faiths – Simon Schama

Simon Schama: TV should tell passionate, bloody histories of faiths

Simon Schama, the historian, says religious television programmes should tell the passionate, bloody histories of faith and stop focusing on “sanctimonious sweetness”
Simon Schama speaking at last month’s Hay Festival
Simon Schama speaking at last month’s Hay Festival Photo: JAY WILLIAMS FOR THE TELEGRAPH
Hannah Furness By Hannah Furness, […]

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My feudal lord:

The book ‘My Feudal Lord’, – written by Tehmina Durrani of Pakistan (first published in 1991) qualified to be her autobiography. Though quarter of a century old, the book is still relevant in today’s Pakistan. It covered mainly the turbulent period of her second married life spanning about 15 years (from mid seventies […]

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India’s Feudal Rapists (Op-ed from International New York Times, June 4 2014)

India’s Feudal Rapists

WHEN a distressed father is reporting his daughter’s disappearance to a policeman in India, there are some questions he doesn’t want to hear. “What is your caste?” is one of them. Yet, the father, Sohan Lal, said this was the first thing the police asked him last Tuesday, when […]

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A news report from Washington says: “Close on the heels of the spectacular BJP win in the general election, Hindu-American activists in the United States have for the first time, under the banner of a political action committee, publicly endorsed a slate of congressional candidates in the 2014 US primaries.”

Some Hindus have launched a […]

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