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“Bhorer Sylhet” of Bangladesh has published a news item from its archive (‘Islamic Jahan Category’ of 11.07.2012) that Sunita Williams, the American astronaut, had converted to Islam after returning from moon during 2006. Apparently there is nothing wrong with some individual’s religious conversion. But an easy search through Google refuted any such claim. It was […]

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Stop the Killing in Gaza: An Open Letter to World Leaders

Ahrar Ahmed, Milia Ali, Shaheen Ali, Quamrul Haider, Javed Helali, Anisur Rahman and Shah Jahan, on behalf of the members of the Bangladesh Friendship Club

We are a group of concerned citizens living in various parts of North America, Europe and Asia who are members of an on-line discussion group. We are alarmed and […]

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Misery in the Fraudulent ‘Holy Land’

The old story of human despair due to the Muslim-Jew conflict continues in the so-called holy land. In the last few weeks more than 800 Palestinians and dozens of Israelis have been killed by the two fighting parties (1). The tolls on both sides include innocent children, who are neither fighters nor hate-mongers nor policy […]


I know a Muslim youth in his early thirties. He is from a rich, land owning, Ashraf family of India. Though a third generation Western educated Muslim, he is extremely conscious of his Ashraf linage. He is a clean shaven and non-practicing Muslim. He never went to Madrassa but did his schooling from a Christian […]

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Should Britain consider banning burqa and niqab?

The European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg upheld the French government’s ban on wearing burqa or niqab in its ruling on 1 July 2014. A French Law on religious headgear banned wearing burqa or niqab in public in 2010. The European Court ruling states that the law does not breach Muslim women’s Human Rights […]

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