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Bangladesh was not born on the basis of Islam like Pakistan. ‘Islam’ was not the primary or secondary driving force for the creation of Bangladesh. After more than two decades of linguistic, cultural, socio-economic and political repression by fellow Muslims of West Pakistan, the East Pakistanis understood the futility of Islam as basis for Pakistani […]

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The Truth Behind Reza Aslan’s ‘Brilliant’ Take Down on Bill Maher

Moderator’s note: Reza Aslan is a media celebrity and an Islamic apologist, who obviously feels threatened by the growing Atheist movement in the US and worldwide.  One of his recent tweets he wrote, ‘I’ve written about Muslims, Jews, Xtians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists. I’ve never received more venomous threats than I do from Atheists’(see […]


M J Akbar, the well known Indian journalist, has written a book entitled, “Tinderbox – the past and future of Pakistan”. It is a scholarly exposition of Pakistan’s yesterday which gives hints for its tomorrow. Though no new information is available in the book, except some details about Pakistani terrorist groups and killing of Osama […]

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Today (September 14) is Ada Lovelace Day. Did we know that?

This day is tied with Ada Byron who has been recognized as the ‘first computer programmer’ (though it is still subject to debate).

Well…this post is not only about Ada. We know the names of Hypatia, Madame Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Lise Meitner, Rachel Carson, Barbara McClintock, […]

An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims written by Ali A Rizvi

A Pakistani-Canadian writer and activist, Ali A Rizvi, wrote this ‘Open Letter’ to all moderate Muslims in the Huffington Post. It is worth reading and highly illuminating. The link is given first, followed by the full text.

An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims
Posted: 10/06/2014 3:17 pm EDT Updated: 10/07/2014 8:59 pm EDT MOSQUE SILHOUETTE

I’m […]

What happened to ‘freedom of speech?’

A Rahman

The chorus of condemnation of the ex-Minister for Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Mr Abdul Latif Siddiqui (ALS) for raising some pertinent questions regarding Hajj and its implications are raging not only in Bangladesh but also in all countries of the world where Bangladeshis live. On Sunday, 28 September afternoon local time, Abdul Latif […]

Judgments We Make


I’m a lesbian.

Yeah I know what you are thinking. Some of you are thinking “Okay, that’s cool!” while many of you are not thinking along those lines. But before I go further, let me tell you me being a lesbian is not cool. You don’t say someone is cool because of their sexuality. That’s just […]

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