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Commemorating Avijit Roy’s life and work on his 44th birthday

September 12, 2015, is the 44th birthday of secular, humanist writer Avijit Roy. Before he was murdered by Islamists Extremist group this February 26th, the founder of the Mutko-Mona platform Avijit Roy was involved in furthering many issues including science, free thought, humanism, and literature. He introduced the free thought movement in Bangladesh to the […]

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Down to memory lane-our initial days in Mukto-mona forum


It was perhaps fall  of 2004.  I relocated from New Jersey to California in a new job. I don’t remember exactly how but  I found a Yahoo group called Mukto-mona [https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mukto-mona/info]. The group immediately pulled my attention and time. Keep it mind, in those days, Yahoo group was the most vibrant of all social media […]

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Violence is the Greatest Drug Ever Invented- Dhrubo Tara

Author: Dhrubo Tara

What is the name of the single most toxic drug in the world? Cocaine, Ecstasy, Cannabis or something else? Scientists and drug addicts may provide varied ‘expert’ opinions over the issue, or if you amass enough courage to approach a romantic poet, he/she may say, it is the madness of love […]

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Happy Birthday Dr. Avijit Roy, the “Future man”- The Science Guy

Author: The Science Guy, Canada

Let me start with the epic sci-fi film Interstellar. The climax involves Cooper emerging in a tesseract, which appears as a stream of bookshelves, with portals that look out into Murphy’s (Cooper’s daughter) bedroom at different times in her life. Cooper realizes that the tesseract and wormhole (that Cooper and others […]

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Thoughts on Avijit Roy- Maxim Sergienko

Author: Maxim Sergienko
Non-believer, No party affiliation

I never knew Avijit Roy. I understand that like me he was a freethinker and a secularist. I have a feeling that if I had met him we would get along quite well and enjoy a long conversation. I knew of him slightly – I heard that he wrote a […]

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My Journey to Enlightenment- Ryan Croom

Author: Ryan Croom, USA

I spent many of my childhood summers in a small town in Mississippi—just an hour outside of New Orleans. Summers included an unbearable heat, running barefoot through my grandma’s backyard, and the weekly visit to the church down the road. Every Sunday, my grandma coaxed my mass of hair into looking presentable […]

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The Meaning of Life: There is No Spoon

Author: Anonymous, USA.

Coincidence is the Destiny

Part of me that thinks sharing this is a waste of time. I have made a conscious effort not to discuss my personal belief publicly on social media for quite some time now. There was a point in time when I would post my online comments on various discussions, almost […]

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