Long way away, in my drifting warm childhood-
On the secluded corner of my reading-desk,
A glass of mute water you left.
Even now when thirsty, like a weary pedestal,
I drink the water with the content of my heart.

Being a drop of momentary dew on the keen top of the grass,
You came in the dawn, moving slowly.
Disguising myself into the old life memoirs,
Back then I was sleeping in infatuation.

At the same time, the first sunray of the skyline,
Have absorbed you totally,
And awakened me fully.
Passing over the abruptness of midday
Now the sun would go past, trampling the horizon.

Before the darkness surrounds us,
In the illusion of umbrageous gloaming
Making the sound jhirijhiri with
The old yellow leaf soft in the nipple,
Out in the breeze, stretching tranquil wings,
Just come once.

Upon the palm of my unrolling hand as stretching wings
Putting on the raindrop filled with
The gentleness of streaming of the incessant life;
On the shore of one ocean of waiting,
I would be standing still.