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Murdered blogger’s stepdaughter: Dad taught me to be informed, bold, unafraid

I come across some of the best stories in Baltimore.
A black student tells me about his lifelong experiences with housing segregation—how he still feels its effects, even as a student at Johns Hopkins.
My social-science professors teach me about schools that are underfunded and hyper-segregated. They are run down by roaches and mold. They lack libraries, […]

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Remembering Avijit Roy

Exactly one year ago, on the 26th of February, 2015, Avijit Roy, founder of the Muktomona Blog, was brutally murdered at the Dhaka Book Fair. Avijit Roy was visiting Dhaka in conjunction with the publication of two of his books. The attack also grievously injured his wife Bonya Ahmed.

A year has gone by. In the […]

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Lamenting Avijit’s Jeopardous Trip to Bangladesh

In the morning of February 26 last year both my wife and I were at our computers in our home office in the greater Washington DC area. I was doing my office work, and she was browsing news on the internet. She was much startled by a news item, and started reading it loudly, so […]

Getting to Know Avijit Roy

I am penning down my thoughts on the occasion of Avijit Roy’s first death anniversary.

I got introduced to Avijit Roy in the worst possible way when a picture is forwarded to my WhatsApp inbox last year during the end of February. The photo was of a woman with blood soaked clothes asking for help, a […]

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Mr. Mahfuz Anam’s Confession Exposed his Newspaper’s Role as a Conduit for the Military-Backed Government in Bangladesh

Shabbir Ahmed

In 2007, the people of Bangladesh had to cross from the civilian rule to the army-backed rule at a threshold. This crossing took place because of the mistrust among the feuding political parties on conducting parliamentary election in Bangladesh. The mistrust among the parties still exists. As we see, it is not going to […]

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Revolution in our solar system

A recent science news item has caught the imagination of public: astronomers hypothesize the existence of a hitherto unseen planet that might be lurking in the vast space beyond Neptune. There are thousands of small icy bodies that stretch out beyond the orbit of Neptune from a distance of 30 AU all the way to […]

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