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Portrayal of Bangladesh Liberation War in a Book Written by Dr. Nuran Nabi

Shabbir Ahmed

Forty five years ago, the people of Bangladesh stood against the repressive military regime of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for establishing their democratic, cultural, and human rights. Many college and university students took arms and left the campuses for the greater cause of freeing the country from the Nazi like forces consisting of […]

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Bangladesh’s existential threat

It is a matter of supreme irony that almost to the day 45 years ago when Pakistan unleashed the most barbaric and vicious attack on unarmed civilians of the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh would have to endure a body blow to its existence from its own judiciary system. Islamisation of Bangladesh has become so […]

Moderate and extremely clueless

By Balasubramanian Venkatakrishnan

Apparently extremism has no religion. So I guess religion gets to wash its hands clean every time someone bad invokes it. In a different way, that thought makes religion even more scary. Extremism could hijack any religion! Like computer viruses that work on Windows, OSX and Linux (Yes they exist). All one needs […]

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Protected: Regressive Islam

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Supreme Court to Decide Whether Islam Should Remain as the State Religion in Bangladesh While Government Plays Safe

A few days ago, the Daily Mail (UK) published a news item entitled “Bangladesh Considering Abandoning Islam as Its Official Religion Following Wake of Extremist Attacks.” While it reflects the fact that there will be a hearing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on the 27th of March to decide whether Islam should remain as […]

Machettes, fundamentalism and rationalism: what does history tell us? Video of Rafida Ahmed Bonya’s presentation at UC Riverside

Within the last year five Bangladeshis who have promoted rationalism and free thought, including authors, bloggers, and their publishers, have been brutally murdered for professing their views. Rafida Ahmed, herself savagely attacked as her husband was murdered, will reflect on issues associated with these murders within the wider context of history of free thinking and […]

The absence of religion is not a religion

From time to time religious people claim that atheism is a religion too . This is strange for – at least – two reasons. First of all; how can the absence of something be this very thing? How can the absence of religion be a religion? And, secondly, how come religious people take the right […]

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