Melancholy has become the mantra
As fear and conjecture has become the currency of the ruler
Truth and justice have become words of prejudice
Pain and suffering the primary means of interacting.

What happened to the notion of discourse?
When people can talk despite being distraught.
Drawing a machete was completely out of the question
Because that does not leave room for discussion.

Blood-shed may stop a voice for a while
But ones words and ideas would remain febrile
Within the corpus of minds that permeate through the people
Who can reincarnate the voice that has been brutally cut-short.

The injustice on Avijit
Should never be forgotten
He did not incite violence, nor did he inflict pain
He merely shared with people what he thought.

Why is it a crime to use the mind,
Logic and thoughts that make us who we are?
The conclusions may differ
But that is just the way we are

The universe is vast
And thus it is only just
That there are different views
About things that we have unquestionable faith.

Having a different view is not a crime
Because we ourselves change our mind all the time
Thus, it would be impossible to have a rule
That seeks to curtail the myriad pool

So, I implore my fellow thinkers
Do not be cowered to silence
If only for the future you wish to bequeath
To the ones that you desperately love.

We have the right to speak our mind
But that does not mean we cannot offend anyone
As long as we are courteous and patient in the way we engage
One cannot claim that such acts are hostile.

Be suspicious of the ones who claim otherwise
They may be wolves in disguise
Who seek to portray themselves as your friend
While constantly denying you who you are.

Avijit will be alive, as long as we strive
Continuously defending the rights of the ones
Who think in ways that do not conform
But challenge the ways we see the world.
-By: Kazi Muinur Rahman