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Life, Death and Cat Feeder

Key Pieces of Cat Feeder

Utilizing an computerized feeder enables you to find some much-needed slumber! Then you might want to appear in to an automated feeder for your kitten. An automated someone feeder should be a new myth, but the science behind it might be sound. Assuming you have to […]

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Lost of interest in reading


Part […]

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The Bangladeshi Intellectual’s Love Affair with Arundhati Roy

By Syed M. F.

Famed Indian author Arundhati Roy had recently made her way to Dhaka and for someone who does not ardently follow her every footstep, this event would not have bothered me if not for the furor over the cancellation of one of her speaking events. I will, however, not spend the limited space […]

Can we speak, Sir?

“What does the Arundhati Roy imbroglio say about our democratic freedoms?”

I’m sure, you all are familiar with the Bengali proverb: “A donkey always makes the water dirty before drinking.”

If you have ever wondered what that actually means, look no further than the Arundhati Roy affair.

Arundhati Roy, who became, much to her chagrin, a human weathervane […]

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