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Mukto-Mona blogger on sociopolitical and technical issues. A retired nuclear safety specialist with over 30 years of experience in the UK and Europe and the author of the book 'Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management'.

Has Bangladesh lost to Islamism?


Bangladesh may not be a big country, either geographically, economically or politically, but it is strategically a significant country as far as religiosity is concerned. It is significant because it sits more or less in the moderate section of the Islamic religiosity, maintaining its own culture, language and tradition, away from the Arab Bedouin culture […]

Bangladesh’s existential threat

It is a matter of supreme irony that almost to the day 45 years ago when Pakistan unleashed the most barbaric and vicious attack on unarmed civilians of the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh would have to endure a body blow to its existence from its own judiciary system. Islamisation of Bangladesh has become so […]

Protected: Regressive Islam

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War dead has became a political game

It is extremely sad and distressing to observe that the liberation war fatality figure has become a political ping-pong game between the two political parties. It had been purposely turned by the vested interests into a test of patriotism! If anyone expresses any scepticism on the fatality figure of three million, then he or she […]

Bangladesh must shun the religious proxy war

It may be very tempting and, indeed, flattering when a super rich country like Saudi Arabia requests a country like Bangladesh to participate, almost as equal, in the Islamic coalition against terrorism to fight the menace of the Islamic State (IS). Bangladesh may be painted by the vested quarters as a strong and sufficiently grown […]

Turkey’s inexorable descent to extremism

Turkey may be viewed by the developing countries as well as by the Muslim world as an advanced industrialised country very much in tune with the Western democratic system. But this perception is largely misplaced now and very much out of date. The reality of Turkey’s position is far from this perception.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a […]

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Root causes of grotesque Islamic violence

The world is undoubtedly at a critical juncture dealing with the grotesque violence of the ISIL/IS. The IS are hell bent on punishing the West for attacking their occupied lands in Iraq and Syria and the West want to put an end to the IS barbarity and have declared war on them in retribution to […]

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