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Mukto-Mona blogger on sociopolitical and technical issues. A retired nuclear safety specialist with over 30 years of experience in the UK and Europe and the author of the book 'Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management'.

American militarism and battered diplomacy

America may be the only superpower standing, but its diplomacy is getting a real battering now. It is none more so than in the Middle East, where hundreds of billions of tax-payers’ dollars and over 4,500 service personnel fatality over a decade or so could not save America from being relegated to playing a second […]

Saudi duplicity and inhumanity

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and the protector of two holiest mosques in Islam, is in abject decadent state. It claims to be the holiest place in Islam, but at the same time it ferments internecine conflicts within Islam. It spent more than 50 billion dollars over the past 45 years or so promoting […]

We must talk about hurting ‘religious sentiments’

This write-up by Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman was published in the daily observer of Bangladesh on Sept 21, 2015:

Four freethinking bloggers have been murdered in the country this year alone. The jihadists who murdered them claimed that their writings demeaned Islam. The killers and their cohorts are of course a tiny minority in society. There are, […]

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Is it ISIS’ sinister ploy?

Europe is stunned, simply overwhelmed by the sheer size of the incoming migrants – men, women and children – from African and Asian Muslim countries. At no time since the Second World War, Europe had seen such a large mass migration of humans from other continents to Europe. European conscience and its libertarian principles have […]

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India’s struggle with Russian VVER-1000 reactors at KKNPP

The following article, written jointly by me, A Rahman, and India’s V T Padmanabhan, has been published in Bangladesh’s Energy and Power magazine on 1 Sept 2015. It may be noted that Bangladesh is also embarking on a similar project at Rooppur with the same reactor vendor, Rosatom of Russia. Here is the article.

India’s struggle […]

Orgy of killing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is in a spell of murdering atheists, humanists and free-thinkers, all for upholding secularist views, by the fundamentalist Islamists in the name of religion. All of these victims were secularists meaning they aspired to see a free democratic society with a clear separation of religion – whatever that religion could be – from the […]

Conflict of religion with science and free-thinking

by Quamrul Haider(1) and Anisur Rahman(2)

Science and religion are two distinct and disparate strands of human thoughts, each operating under its own epistemological position. Ever since the dawn of civilization, religion never existed harmoniously with science and free-thinking. This is because they lie at the opposite ends of the spectrum of rational human inquiry and […]

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