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Research Physicist at University of California, Riverside, Greater Los Angeles Area. Member of Mukto-Mona. Dipen Bhattacharya is the author of two Bengali science fiction novels: Neolith Shopno (Neolith Dreams) and Avijit Nokkhotrer Alo (Light from Vega).

Avijit Roy’s Campo de Fiori

It was a matter of bad luck that Giordano Bruno found himself back in his birth-land, Italy, after years of work and wanderings in France, England and Germany. It was his Venetian host Giovanni Moncenigo who denounced him to the Catholic inquisitors and after seven years of trail and imprisonment he was burned at the […]

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Revolution in our solar system

A recent science news item has caught the imagination of public: astronomers hypothesize the existence of a hitherto unseen planet that might be lurking in the vast space beyond Neptune. There are thousands of small icy bodies that stretch out beyond the orbit of Neptune from a distance of 30 AU all the way to […]

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Avijit Roy: A Life Well Lived (1972 – 2015)

During the last two years, Avijit Roy wrote at a furious pace. It was as if he sensed his time was limited on this earth. He also traveled. Along with his wife and daughter, he took a trip to the Grand Canyon, stopped at CERN in Geneva to satisfy his curiosity about the Higg’s Boson, […]

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Sayedee’s Face on the Moon: Astronomers’ Nightmare

You ask how is it possible that in the year of 2013, people could be fooled to see a convicted killer’s face on the moon. But that’s what the Jamaat propaganda has accomplished. In the early hours of Sunday morning, in many parts of Bangladesh, Jamaat activists announced, using loudspeakers, that the image of Sayedee […]

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A week of carnage : mass murder of animals

Mass murder of helpless animals using brutal methods cannot be considered self-sacrifice.
By |November 27th, 2009|Philosophy, Religion, Society|7 Comments
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