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Key Moments in Presidential Inaugurations: Washington to Obama

Key Moments in Presidential Inaugurations: Washington to Obama   Compiled by Jahed Ahmed  

In 1789, George Washington became the first and only president of the United States elected unanimously by the Electoral College. On March 4, 1793, Washington delivered the shortest address in inaugural history at just 133 words.


During president Andrew Jackson’s inauguration in 1829, the White House […]

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Saving Child Witches: A Nigerian Perspective

Saving Child Witches: A Nigerian Perspective

Leo Igwe 

Some months ago, a British film-maker drew my attention to the plight of children in Akwa Ibom State who had been accused of being witches and wizards and thrown out of their homes by their families and relatives. In August, I travelled to the city of Eket to meet with […]

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Dr. Nabi, a noted M-M meber, wins reelection in Plainsboro, NJ

Dr. Nuran Nabi, a former scientist and a noted secular Bangladeshi-American, has been reelected the councilman in the Plainsboro Township Council of NJ, USA. Voters in Plainsboro overwhelmingly elected Dr. Nuran Nabi with 70% vote to the Council. Last year Dr. Nabi was appointed by the Township Council to fill a vacant seat and he was seeking […]

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