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Dr. A.H. Jaffor Ullah, a researcher and columnist, writes from New Orleans, USA. Regula contributor of Mukto-Mona.

Secularists are at loggerheads with Islamists in Bangladesh

Many of the observers of Bangladesh knew that sooner or later, the secularists would be in a collision course with the ever growing Islamists. I think we are just seeing the initial confrontation between the two opposing forces. Bangladesh has so many fundamentalist political groups that one would be lost to correctly list them. One […]

Muzzling the voice of freethinking bloggers: An alarming development in Bangladesh!

I suspected it in recent days that Bangladesh government would try to muzzle the freethinkers who pen and post their views in various forums, blogosphere, social media etc. The reason is quite simple. The ruling Awami League would like to rule Bangladesh for another term and the party knows it that without the support of […]

Unmasking Jamaat’s chief international propagandist

Unmasking Jamaat’s chief international propagandist

Dr. Jaffor Ullah

There is this person by the name MBI Munshi (Mohammad Munshi) who is at it again now that ‘Bangla Spring’ is in full swing and the movement is gathering steam allover Bangladesh. Mr. Munshi spent time in England and got educated there to become a barrister but he […]

The advent of ‘Bangla Spring’

The restless and clear-headed thinking young generation of Dhaka took to the street to vociferously protest the judgment meted out by court against one of the Jamaati leaders by the name Abdul Quader Mollah who committed crime against humanity during 1971 freedom struggle. The young generation is not happy that the culprit was given […]

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What is at stake on November 6th U.S. presidential election?

I have witnessed many a presidential election in the U.S. starting from Richard Nixon versus George McGovern in 1972 ending in Obama versus McCain in 2008 but never before have I seen an election which is about to be so closely contested. Another thing is also very different this time. The big money […]

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Obama’s new jobs bill – a tough sale to Republicans

President Obama has finally delivered his address to the joint house of Congress on September 8, 2011 at sundown.  The media here in America was abuzz for the last few days discussing whether Republicans in the minority chamber (House of Representatives) would pass Obama’s Jobs Bill designed to spur the anemic economy in which virtually […]

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The 10th anniversary of 9-11 terror attacks sans Bin Laden

                                    “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” ‒ Isaac Asimov 

 It is rather amazing how a decade has passed so quickly!  The terror attacks that took place exactly 10 ten years ago on the eastern seaboard of America in which more than 3000 lives perished needlessly had us all lose faith in humanity albeit […]

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