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Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, a research engineer and political observer, writes from Orange Park, Florida, USA

Divulge Truth over Falsehood and Deceit on the Political Career of Mrs. Khaleda Zia

Shabbir Ahmed

A new biography of Mrs. Khaleda Zia titled, “Begum Khaleda Zia: Her Life, Her Story” was written by a journalist named Mr. Mahfuz Ullah. In the unveiling ceremony of the book, a few notables commented on the sacrifices and achievements of Mrs. Zia. I watched and read comments of some of these remarkable individuals, […]

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Portrayal of Bangladesh Liberation War in a Book Written by Dr. Nuran Nabi

Shabbir Ahmed

Forty five years ago, the people of Bangladesh stood against the repressive military regime of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for establishing their democratic, cultural, and human rights. Many college and university students took arms and left the campuses for the greater cause of freeing the country from the Nazi like forces consisting of […]

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Mr. Mahfuz Anam’s Confession Exposed his Newspaper’s Role as a Conduit for the Military-Backed Government in Bangladesh

Shabbir Ahmed

In 2007, the people of Bangladesh had to cross from the civilian rule to the army-backed rule at a threshold. This crossing took place because of the mistrust among the feuding political parties on conducting parliamentary election in Bangladesh. The mistrust among the parties still exists. As we see, it is not going to […]

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Dr. Avijit Roy and His Enlightening Role for Freethinking in Bangladesh

Shabbir Ahmed

Dr. Avijit Roy was hacked to death just outside the Dhaka Book Fair by assailants with machetes on February 26, 2015. The assailants attacked him from behind as we learned from the news report. These killers were not different from those who picked up Bengali intellectuals and killed them mercilessly in 1971. At the […]

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An analogy of the atrocities committed by Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and similar forces in the world

By: Shabbir Ahmed.

The whole world is watching the rise of many Islamic terrorist forces in different countries. Many people have been horrified by the violence and the manifestation of the terror caused by the ferocity and brutality associated with this rise. It was believed that in some countries they were downsized in numbers and […]

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Evil Designs on the Fate of Bangladesh after the Assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

By: Shabbir Ahmed

A dark era of killing for power began in the newly independent Bangladesh on August 15, 1975. A group of disgruntled killers committed a heinous crime by killing the founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and most of his family members. These human-like hyenas killed children as little as four-year old (Mr. Serniabat’s […]

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My tribute to Dr. Jaffor Ullah – an eminent scientist, a remarkable secular humanist, and a person of greatness and inspiration

An untimely death of Dr. Jaffor Ullah on August 21, 2013 was a huge loss for all the secularists and rationalists of Bangladesh. He was a great secular humanist and an extraordinary writer in the USA, who originally hailed from Bangladesh. Although he had a strong background as a research scientist, he worked his ways […]

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