1971 genocide

/1971 genocide

Editorial: Amnesty’s Baffling Stand on War Crime

It is with utmost concern we observe that David Griffiths, Amnesty International’s South Asia Research Director, has issued a statement describing the death penalty given to the 1971 war criminals Mohammed Mojaheed and Salauddin Quader Chowdhury as the ultimate miscarriage of justice.

In the words of Amnesty International:

Two opposition politicians face imminent hanging for crimes […]

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‘Mutawas’ of Bangladesh

A hitherto unknown Islamist outfit, ‘Ittahadul Mujahidin’ from Sylhet has sent a letter to B D News office, Dhaka  threatening to kill 19 persons including ministers, teachers, cultural activists, ganajagaran mancha organizers and bloggers.

 The potential victims have been differently described as ‘satanic bloggers’, ’enemies of Islam and madrasa education’, ‘atheists’, and ‘Sylhet-haters’. This seems that […]


AL is historically the party which brought independence to the country. But before getting rid of war criminals and Pakistani collaborators, it submerged into corruption and nepotism. It was criminal offence on the part of AL to deny Bangladeshi people a good governance and progressive development at that time. The Paki collaborators and ISI took […]

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We demand proceedings be brought against the Pakistani War Criminals of 1971 immediately

Written by – Rayhan Rashid

It is time to start proceedings against the Pakistani War criminals as well. We, on behalf of ICSF, demand proceedings be brought against the Pakistani War Criminals of 1971 immediately. It will be an interesting test to observe how sincere this so-called ‘international community’ really is! Ironically, it is this very […]

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Quader Mollah: fact versus fiction

Quader Mollah, the most infamous classmate of mine in my student days in Rajendra College (1964-66,) has become a part of history and probably, nationally and internationally, the most known individual of our class of 1966 superseding even the former cabinet minister of Khaleda Zia’s government, Ali Ahsan Mohammed Mujaheed who, incidentally, also is facing […]

Appeasing the Islamists – a Distressing Sign for Bangladesh

In a poor country called Bangladesh, recently there has been a surge in heated talk and violent lawlessness. The principal driving forces behind these are the Islamist political parties, including Jamaat-e-Islami, Hifazat-e-Islami and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

What caused this discontent? It began with the ongoing trials of ten Islamists on charges of crimes against humanity […]

The Spirits of 1971 and 2013 (Part III)

This is the third and concluding part of the titled article. For the first and second parts, please see http://enblog.mukto-mona.com/?p=1802 and http://enblog.mukto-mona.com/?p=1809.

Part III: How the Spirits of 1971 and 2013 Compare

The beginning of the national liberation struggle for Bangladesh in the night of March 25, 1971, was spontaneous; the result of an extreme brutalization of […]

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