1971 genocide

/1971 genocide

The Spirits of 1971 and 2013

The movement that was started by a group of Bangladeshi youth at the Shahbag intersection in Dhaka on February 5, 2013, has grown tremendously. Initially there was just one podium in Shahbag. Now the youth all over the country have erected “Gonojagoran Manchas” (people’s awakening podiums) in almost every sub-district of the country. The youth, […]

Is Shahbag the Solution?

The rally that was started on February 5, 2013, at the Shahbag intersection in Dhaka was against the sentences that were handed down to Abdul Quader Mollah by the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT). The organizers and the participants of the rally felt that the sentences were too light for the crimes for which he was […]

The most premeditated of murders

If Mr. Mollah committed the crimes he was convicted for, and if anyone deserves to die, he does. It is hence not surprising that the death penalty is on everybody’s lips in Bangladesh these days. However, we do not wish to comment on the case of Mr. Mollah, as we would hardly be in a […]

The advent of ‘Bangla Spring’

The restless and clear-headed thinking young generation of Dhaka took to the street to vociferously protest the judgment meted out by court against one of the Jamaati leaders by the name Abdul Quader Mollah who committed crime against humanity during 1971 freedom struggle. The young generation is not happy that the culprit was given […]

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Homage to my martyr colleagues

Homage to my martyr colleagues

-Ajoy Roy

Fourteenth December is known to us as “Shahid Budhijibi Dibas” (Martyr Intellectual Day). I am not sure if the word “Martyr” is the exact equivalent to “Shahid”. I think the word Shahid carries much more deeper feeling and intensive sense that touches heart. We shall, who had even remote touch […]

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Sleepless Memory


It was January, 1971; I was a 3rd year honor student at Dhaka University. The entire country was flared up in the spirit of  ’11-point’ demands. Students’ demonstrations and workers’ strikes were […]

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Please Attend conference on Bangladesh 1971

Dear Community member,

On behalf of Kean University Human Rights Institute and Bangladesh Study Group, we welcome you to join us in the international Conference on “Bangladesh 1971: Addressing Claims of War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity” and show your invaluable support . The conference will take place on Sunday, October 18, 2009 from 10:00 […]

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