shahbagh movement 2013

//shahbagh movement 2013

‘Mutawas’ of Bangladesh

A hitherto unknown Islamist outfit, ‘Ittahadul Mujahidin’ from Sylhet has sent a letter to B D News office, Dhaka  threatening to kill 19 persons including ministers, teachers, cultural activists, ganajagaran mancha organizers and bloggers.

 The potential victims have been differently described as ‘satanic bloggers’, ’enemies of Islam and madrasa education’, ‘atheists’, and ‘Sylhet-haters’. This seems that […]

Rafida Ahmed in American Atheists Convention 2015

Rafida Ahmed Bonya; prominent writer and the wife of the late writer Avijit Roy who was brutally killed by Islamic fundamentalists on 26 February 2015, talked about her experience through a video message for American Atheists Convention 2015.

Hefajat & Government: Tom & Jerry in New Version

Probably, we are the only nation in the world who has to fight every day to find out our country. No, it doesn’t mean that we lost our country geographically every day, but there is a far distance between the Bangladesh in our mind and in front of our eyes. ‘Bangladesh’ is a name of […]

Quader Mollah: fact versus fiction

Quader Mollah, the most infamous classmate of mine in my student days in Rajendra College (1964-66,) has become a part of history and probably, nationally and internationally, the most known individual of our class of 1966 superseding even the former cabinet minister of Khaleda Zia’s government, Ali Ahsan Mohammed Mujaheed who, incidentally, also is facing […]


Jamaat-Shibir has been fighting to impose Sharia in Bangladesh as a first step to recreate old ‘golden period’ of Ummah in near future under a Caliph. This calls for a relook into a few aspects of Islamic history to find out if the endeavor of Jamaat-Shibir is justified or not.

In 1992 more than a hundred […]

No Justice for the Free of Thought (Published in Free Inquiry Magazine)

No Justice for the Free of Thought

By Trisha Ahmed and Avijit Roy


Published in  Free Inquiry Magazine (OP-ED:  October/November 2013 Volume 33, Number 6)

On April 1st, 2013, the Bangladeshi government certainly played the fool’s role in a scheme that we can only wish was an April Fool’s Day prank. On that day, […]

In Which Direction Will the State Go? The state is at loggerhead with Fundamentalism [by Subrata Shuvo]

Moderator’s Note: Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, an eminent mukto-mona blogger, was arrested on April 1st  on charges of Blasphemy. He is one among the free-spirited online writers who are being punished for virally spreading their reason-based opinions. Not once did Shuvo violate any stated Bangladeshi law, yet his actions have been declared as a crime in […]

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