A Complete Guide to Allah (Bismi Allah)

This small e-book painstakingly analyses Allah, the Islamic God. Allah is at the core of religion of Islam. Every act, every ritual, every Jihad, every Islamic incursion, every Islamic bloodshed, every Islamic law is designed for only one purpose—to please Allah. Who is this Allah? Where did He come from? Where does He live now? What are […]

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British Colonialism: Myths and Realities

News was broadcast on BBC that Italy Government would give Libya, terribly damaged by Italian colonialism, compensation-money of 5 billion dollars. Italy would annually invest an amount of 200 million US dollars for coming 25 years for infrastructural   development of Libya that lost a lot during colonial rule. On August 30, 2008, Saturday, the Italian Premier, […]

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Islamic Voodoos

Islamic Voodoos

Abul Kasem

This small e-book probes into the traditions, customs, practices, and rites of Islam, which are largely based on Arab Bedouins’ society of Muhammad’s time. In a modern world, these Islamic customs and traditions are no more than superstitious beliefs and irrational acts—better known as voodoo practices. These Islamic Voodoos encompass practically every aspect […]

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