Group of Bangladeshi Teens on a Mission: Stopping Child Marriage

By Adeeb Chowdhury

The path to gender equality in Bangladesh is a long, winding, and difficult path. It is a path marred by anti-equality laws and scarred by traditional family roles, especially in rural areas. These “traditional” roles are the toxins poisoning the bloodstream of the feminist movement across the nation—these roles are what is handicapping […]

The American Dream — An Illusion or Reality?

In the dry, evening heat of Bangladesh, a girl visiting from America stands alone on the balcony of her grandmother’s lavish condominium. Located roughly thirty miles north of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s suffocatingly-populated capital, Uttura Model Town – Uttura, for short – has a suburban character. In […]

Few Sign of Creation of this Universe still available

Few signs of creation of this universe are still available in the Yellowstone National Park.

We don’t know when this person climbed up and for how long he engrossed into the beauty of the nature. Maybe he had meditated for hours after hours to feel the touch of creation of each granule of the Minerva Terrace; […]

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(Are we, the humans, so special that our souls would live forever, and, we have the right to be reckless to nature?)

MOST of us like to believe that we are the best living creature on earth. The religions are based on this idea, where human should dominate the whole living world. This kind of thinking […]

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Save Dhaka!: Beware of land grabbers!!

From the perception of environmentalists Dhaka City will turn into an abandoned city soon unless some preventive measures be adopted immediately. During the last 25 years or so Dhaka city has undergone rapid urbanization in an unplanned manner. Albeit, the process of urbanisation denotes economic development, an unplanned and haphazard development has already made Dhaka […]

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