Islamic Organisations in America

Whereas no religion other than Islam is allowed in most of the Middle Eastern countries, the Islamists are utilising freedom of religion in the Western World to the full and establishing mosques, Islamic centres, prayer rooms etc as well as demanding the introduction of Sharia Laws. Look at the extent of Islamic activities in America:





Is Islamic theology relevant in the modern world?

A. Paxman’s perception of religious orthodoxy:

Is Islamic theology relevant in the modern world?

Every religion has some fundamental planks upon which the structure of that religion stands. Break one of these fundamental planks, the whole facade falls apart. The monotheistic Abrahamic religion, which has three distinct but inter-twinned strands, is no exception. Judaism was the first […]

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Tarek Fatah’s interview at the Canadian Senate Committee

Please watch this interview of Tarek Fatah at the Canadian Senate Committee outlining Islamic terrorism in Canada. His passionate exposure of Islamic terrorism is worth watching.


Click here to watch the video

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The Hague showing solidarity to people who are putting their lives on the line for freedom of expression

Press Release

The Hague showing solidarity to people who are putting their lives on the line for freedom of expression

Muktomona, an internet congregation of freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, atheists & humanists and the Hague Peace Projects, a Dutch human rights organization are jointly organizing “The Hague Freedom Book Fair 2017” from 24th until 27th of February […]

‘Authentic’ History of Myanmar and Rohingyas: Scapegoats of Modern Nation-State

Amid the atrocities, tensions and brutal military crackdown backed up by their political authorities, the Ministry of Religion and Cultural affairs of Myanmar vows to write the ‘authentic’ history of the country based on research where Rohingyas are to be proved as outsiders, not ‘indigenous’ precisely (The Daily Prothom Alo, 15 December, 2015) . The […]

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India-Bangladesh relationship : Look beyond economics

The relationship between Bangladesh and India mainly concentrates on economics and often on divisions- religious divides, land and border disputes, export-import imbalance, sovereignty, nationalism, difference between political trends and often hatred.

Nations can be analysed from different angles and from different aspects. Lets not forget, each and every nation has its own unique attributes. Different sets […]

End the culture of impunity

A victory day free from the physical presence of any known war criminal was probably the central theme of this years victory day celebration, and it was indeed something to celebrate. This year’s extraordinary celebration saw thousands of patriots from all walks of life marching in colorful rallies, healing the wounds of the recent communal atrocities.

But […]

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