Urge the Bangladeshi government to speak up and pursue a thorough investigation.

March 26th marks one month from the date my husband, Avijit Roy, and I were brutally attacked on the Dhaka University campus. Avijit wrote about science and humanity, critiqued religious fundamentalism, and created the first online Bangla platform for Freethinking. For these reasons, religious extremists hacked Avijit to death with machetes. The attack occurred in […]


Someone has sent me a link to one of my previously published posts in Mukto Mona. The link contains the below mentioned article. I am uploading the article for the visitors of Mukto Mona. The author, Mahin Khan, is rightly very worried about the present political turmoil and innumerable extra-judicial murders of opposition party followers […]

Avijit Roy and His Legacy

Published in the Free Inquiry magazine, a publication of the Center for Free Inquiry (CFI), USA. Please read and leave a comment.  (I would suggest to leave a comment on the CFI website so that those more Americans can see it.)

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Aviji Roy and His Legacy

Victory is Inevitable

By now you may have come to know that the founder and one of the moderators of Mukto-Mona blog Dr. Avijit Roy was brutally attacked and hacked to death on 26th February, 2015 in Bangladesh. His visit to Dhaka was primarily to spend time with his ailing mother. However, it was just natural that while […]

A precious jewel

It was noon and I was at my work place. This was a very busy day for me. To my surprise my manager called me “Afroja, You have a phone call”. I went to the back of the store and received the phone, it was Milton, “Anna, are you busy?” he asked. “Yes, why did […]

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In response to my very brief post (written in utmost grief) “Chhi Chhi” of 27th February 2015 in this blog following the gruesome murder of Avijit Roy, one Huseyin Rahmi Guner commented “ … If anyone slew a person unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land it would be as […]

Avijit da, we are still writing

You already have been informed of the murder of Mr. Avijit Roy, writer and freethinker, by the barbaric attack of Islamist hardliners in Dhaka last week. For our international readers, necessary information on his work and career has already been and will be published by other writers in this website, therefore, I will not add […]

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