We must talk about hurting ‘religious sentiments’

This write-up by Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman was published in the daily observer of Bangladesh on Sept 21, 2015:

Four freethinking bloggers have been murdered in the country this year alone. The jihadists who murdered them claimed that their writings demeaned Islam. The killers and their cohorts are of course a tiny minority in society. There are, […]

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Is it ISIS’ sinister ploy?

Europe is stunned, simply overwhelmed by the sheer size of the incoming migrants – men, women and children – from African and Asian Muslim countries. At no time since the Second World War, Europe had seen such a large mass migration of humans from other continents to Europe. European conscience and its libertarian principles have […]

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The Non-Accountability Syndrome of Bangladesh

“Who attacked the teachers – Chhatra League boys? Not really, they are students, our students. What do they understand at this tender age? They understand whatever you teach them.” so says Professor Zafar Iqbal. “What’s their fault? I really feel sad for them. This is a kind of injustice. Punishment should be given to those […]

Unholy Saudi-Zionist Alliance

A ground breaking deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran on the one hand and world’s six most powerful nations – USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China – as well as the EU on the other hand had been concluded just a few hours earlier today, the 14 July 2015. After ten years of […]

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For the Poor Boy Who Was Born in a Wrong Place

I am feeling sick looking at the face of the poor boy from Sylhet, Bangladesh, who was beaten to death on July 8, 2015.

Four adult criminals are committing such a horrendous act so coolly, with one of them filming the video. The 13 year old, Samiul Alam Rajan, was accused of stealing a three-wheeler rickshaw […]

Greek tragedy – no longer a myth

Greek tragedy may have evolved, as Aristotle put it as a “song for the sacrifice of the goat”, depicting the ancient rites in the 5th century BC based on Greek myths, but now that mythical tragedy is taking a whole new meaning.

Greece might have invented democracy, produced the subtleties of logical deduction and mastered […]

Voltaire Lecture 2015: ‘Fighting machetes with pens’

The transcript of Voltaire Lecture 2015 by Rafida Ahmed Bonya

Hi Everybody,

I would like to thank British Humanist Association, such a historical and prestigious organization, for giving me the chance to speak with you.

My late-husband, Dr. Avijit Roy and I were Bangladeshi-American citizens and Humanists, and we are the recent victims of Islamic […]

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