An appeal to the citizens of Bangladesh

By The Secular Mind

The grip the parties of God have on our nation seems to be clasping down with more ferocity every moment. It is no longer entirely safe to voice a secular opinion, lest one risks their personal well-being. We find ourselves in a precarious situation. It is no longer safe to criticise the […]

Bangladesh vs. Religious Extremists

Nationalism, socialism, democracy, and secularism are the four fundamental principles of the Bangladesh Constitution. Ironically we are living in a country where the constitution speaks for secularism, but society does not.

Religious intolerance has grown deep roots in our society, and now we are experiencing its extremes. Bangladesh is not a good place for practicing the […]

Avijit Roy and His Legacy

Published in the Free Inquiry magazine, a publication of the Center for Free Inquiry (CFI), USA. Please read and leave a comment.  (I would suggest to leave a comment on the CFI website so that those more Americans can see it.)

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Aviji Roy and His Legacy

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Today (September 14) is Ada Lovelace Day. Did we know that?

This day is tied with Ada Byron who has been recognized as the ‘first computer programmer’ (though it is still subject to debate).

Well…this post is not only about Ada. We know the names of Hypatia, Madame Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Lise Meitner, Rachel Carson, Barbara McClintock, […]

How Can Something Come From Nothing?

I write and lecture a lot about science and religion. A common question I get from religious believers is “How can something come from nothing?” They seem to think it’s the final clincher proving the existence of God—or at least some form of supernatural creation. Of course, they don’t say how God came from nothing. […]

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Sayedee’s Face on the Moon: Astronomers’ Nightmare

You ask how is it possible that in the year of 2013, people could be fooled to see a convicted killer’s face on the moon. But that’s what the Jamaat propaganda has accomplished. In the early hours of Sunday morning, in many parts of Bangladesh, Jamaat activists announced, using loudspeakers, that the image of Sayedee […]

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How it all began?

It has been some time since I contributed to this discussion, but I came across some comments on one of my previous posting with the same title. After seeing those comments I again felt to contribute a bit on this topic.

The fundamental tenets of the two opposing views are basically:

1) Creationists – matter derives from […]

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