Islamic Digital Terrorism: Story of Syndicated attack on Secular Voices

This is how Islamists attack
Humanist IDs and Pages on Facebook.
 Abuse of Facebook auto-suspension moderation by mass false reporting. 
‘Reporting Groups’ concept used by Islamists congregating to serve one purpose only, false-report to Facebook, in masses
Few days ago, I came across an article being shared by Atheist Republic, discussing how they are under attack after publishing the Rainbow […]

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Winter Elegy

Ashraful Alam

Once upon a time in a small suburban town centre called Sunshine, I was in desparate search of Sunshine every morning. That was my first winter down under, in this Terra Australis Incognita, thousands of miles away from where I spent 30 winters of my life hitherto. The gloomy days and chilling nights of […]

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An Outstanding Visitor in Bangladesh

It is a remarkable visit indeed. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is visiting Bangladesh. Mr. Modi is arguably the most powerful Prime Minister of the India that the British colonial rulers created in 1947. His host is Sheikh Hasina, who is arguably the most powerful Prime Minister of the Bangladesh that was the eastern wing […]

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Dr. Avijit Roy and His Enlightening Role for Freethinking in Bangladesh

Shabbir Ahmed

Dr. Avijit Roy was hacked to death just outside the Dhaka Book Fair by assailants with machetes on February 26, 2015. The assailants attacked him from behind as we learned from the news report. These killers were not different from those who picked up Bengali intellectuals and killed them mercilessly in 1971. At the […]

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Avijit Roy: A Life Well Lived (1972 – 2015)

During the last two years, Avijit Roy wrote at a furious pace. It was as if he sensed his time was limited on this earth. He also traveled. Along with his wife and daughter, he took a trip to the Grand Canyon, stopped at CERN in Geneva to satisfy his curiosity about the Higg’s Boson, […]

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Public rally/tribute “Standing With Avijit” March 21, 3pm Washington DC.

Washington, DC  –  Drishtipat DC announces the “Standing with Avijit” rally to take place March 21, 2015 from 3 PM to 5 PM at the Dupont Circle Fountain in Washington, DC.


On February 26, 2015, Bangladeshi-American humanist writer and blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death by religious hardliners in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His wife Bonya […]

Beyond the Immediate: Briefly, on the context of Avijit’s Killing

Avijit’s assassination like such similar other acts of brutality, has unnerved a lot of people. Participation in the CPB-BSD organized demonstration soon after the murder (although it was announced before the killing, but to oppose recent killing spree) demanding stopping the violence that has engulfed the country shows the extent of outrage among people. Those […]

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