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Calling Radicalization, instead of Islamization: Ignorance or Political Correctness?

By Syed Kamran Mirza
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December 30, 2009

Over whelming ignorance of the western world about the roots of Islamic terrorism, erroneously calling radicalization instead of Islamization due to Political Correctness is ruining the success of war on […]

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Jiten Roy




We just finished celebrating the Durga-Puja during September – October, and Thanksgiving in November. Here, I am getting ready to celebrate Christmas in December, just like many other years before. I have decorated my house with colorful lights, extended invitation to my friends to spend the Christmas Eve with us. My wife is […]

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Poor Mohammed, or was he?

Mohammed was neither poor nor simplistic
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Sin sounds strange and strong

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall,” wrote William Shakespeare, expressing the concept of sin in his own way, painting with his pen a vivid picture of “sin” and “sinners”. The mysterious concept of sin starts in religion as a way of introducing the supremacy of a perfect God, while Satan emerges from […]

Bin Laden’s track gone cold, America now says. Is he alive though?

The defense secretary of America, Robert Gates, told American TV media on December 5, 2009 that American intelligence has no idea where Osama bin Laden is residing these days.  This is quite a revelation!

America routinely sends rocket ships to Mars, spends billions of dollars to gather intelligence on other nations, and the great nation […]

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Excerpt from “History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science” By John William Draper

Will modern civilization consent to abandon the career of advancement which has given it so much power and happiness? Will it consent to retrace its steps to the semi-barbarian ignorance and superstition of the middle ages? Will it submit to the dictation of a power, which, claiming divine authority, can present no adequate credentials of […]

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Bangladesh: the race for education

There is a very famous old saying in Bangladesh: “Lekha pora kore Je Gari Gora chore se” (Those who are educated will succeed). This traditional thinking of education as the ticket to the good life emerges in different ways and degrees in Bangladesh. Education is seen as something that is received rather than achieved, and […]

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