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First Call for a Seminar on Medical Physics and Associated Disciplines








Call for Papers 

A two day Seminar on Medical Physics and associated disciplines will be held within the period of April 2010 – May 2010. The seminar is being organized by the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (MPBME), Gono Bishwabidyalay (University). An adhoc organizing committee […]

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British Colonialism: Myths and Realities

News was broadcast on BBC that Italy Government would give Libya, terribly damaged by Italian colonialism, compensation-money of 5 billion dollars. Italy would annually invest an amount of 200 million US dollars for coming 25 years for infrastructural   development of Libya that lost a lot during colonial rule. On August 30, 2008, Saturday, the Italian Premier, […]

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Tajuddin Ahmed: A Rare Breed of Patriot


Two reputed constitutional lawyers of Canada while analyzing the legalities of the possible separation of Quebec from Canada observed, “after 1945 Bangladesh was the only country of the world that successfully seceded from Pakistani State through an armed struggle. However, the principal strength of that struggle came from the unparallel election victory of Awami League, […]

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Bangladesh shouldn’t be a place to hide and thrive

Their arrest reasonably left a cautious mark in what level Bangladesh is immune from the international terrorist activities. 

It is believed that the terrorists in Bangladesh are locally organized or very junior partners to Arabs and Pakistanis in Jehadi warfare because in comparison, Bangladeshi groups are far less supported, organized, and ideologically committed. But the recent arrests […]

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How to cure the honour killings ‘cancer’

“There is no denying that Islam, in its contemporary expression, is obsessed with women’s sexuality, and considers it a fundamental problem. The hijab, the niqab, the burka and polygamy are all manifestations of this phobia.”

Almost as soon as news broke that the murders of three Afghan-Canadian teenage sisters and their father’s first wife in Kingston, […]

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India’s Hydro-Electric Project at Tipaimukh and the Hot Debate in Bangladesh


ABSTRACT: The government of India has taken up a project for the construction of a dam for the purpose of power generation at a place known as Tipaimukh on Barak river in Assam. After having preliminary information from that government, the government of Bangladesh […]

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Mind your language

Mind your language

Bahuguna Joshi-Mayawati Ugly Spat

Ram Puniyani

After the 2009 General Elections UP is seeing the struggle for Dalit votes. While Rahul Gandhi could make substantial inroads into UP, Mayawati was humbled quite a bit due to the election results. Before the elections there was a popular impression that BSP will romp home […]

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