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His greatness cannot be tarnished

The reactionary forces who captured the state power immediately after Bangabandhu’s demise rightly understood that the deceased Mujib is more powerful as the deep rooted image of Bangabandhu cannot be wiped out from the heart of the Bengali unless an ill-designed anti-thesis against Mujib’s ideology could be introduced. So, they initiated the process of history […]

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High Court order shouldn’t be in vain

Ripan Kumar Biswas
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After pleading guilty in March, 2009, Bernard Madoff, who began stealing investors’ money in the early 1990s and took as much as $50 billion from investors around the world, was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison for masterminding the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history.

But a 14-year-old boy in […]

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With the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, Bangladesh lost a very dear friend

With the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, Bangladesh lost a very dear friend

A.H. Jaffor Ullah

In 1971, Senator Edward Kennedy was only 39 years but he was astute enough to realize that a terrible genocide has taken place in erstwhile East Pakistan by the marauding and occupational army of Pakistan. The spate of mass […]

(Re)Reading Taslima Nasrin

Hi all,
Shraban Prokashoni has just brought out (Re)Reading Taslima Nasrin. Edited by Ali Riaz, the book is a collection of recent essays on the content and context of Taslima Nasrin’s work.

My essay, Woman Alone, on feminism, Taslima Nasrin and my development as a writer and as a woman is also in there. The article was […]

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Grameen Bank – as I See it Waning.

During my recent visit of Bangladesh (May-June 2007), I observed dissatisfaction of one one-time organizer of borrowers in my own village. A tin-shed structure in his property specially constructed for meetings of the borrowers. This structure now appears like an abandoned house as he uses this to store cow dung and agricultural products and by-products […]

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Remembering that Humayun’s assailants are still roaming free

Selectivity of “Freedom” Chokes People’s Free Voice (2004) 

A friend of mine, a British man working in EU-Bangladesh Govt.’s joint program, Adorsho Gram, recently went to Modhupur on a tour. He was taken to the forest area, which was a joke, since the hillsides are denuded of trees. On top of one of the scraggly hills […]

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Trial of war criminals: validation of our sovereignty

Trial of war criminals: validation of our sovereignty
Mozammel H Khan
Sovereignty is a very highly talked-about issue in the political arena of Bangladesh, especially when AL is in the helm of the government. In the eyes of AL’s political opponents, lack of sovereignty primarily refers to ‘selling out the country’ to our giant neighbour. It […]

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