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The Firing Protocol

The Firing Protocol

(A short story)

By Adnan Lermontov

Dedicated to my paternal grandfather, Sheikh Afsaruddin


“Please have a seat.”

“Why? What’s happening?”

“I am eliminating you. It’s 4:30, so you have 30 minutes to pack and leave. Take whatever you can, and the rest will be […]

Villagers tortured and woman sexually abused by police

By William Gomes

Police carried out atrocities in revenge of the humiliation of a police officer of Biral Thana in Dinajpur district. The victims included men, women, children and the elderly. They suffered severe injuries and the women victims were sexually molested and abused. The police perpetrators remain unpunished due to the culture of impunity and […]

Judge Alleged of molesting a subordinate female staff

By William Gomes

Mrs. Salma Begum, aged 42, a cleaner of the First Court of Settlement of Dhaka, has been working in her job for around 20 years.
Salma alleged that she was molested by a judge Mr. Mohammad Yasin, the Chairman of the First Court of Settlement.
She said that On 23 February 2011while she […]

Bangladesh: Increased threats against human rights defender

By William Gomes

Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul , an army officer with the Bangladesh Army who is currently attached to the Bogra Cantonment of Bangladesh, has created tremendous influence on the local police and the Rapid Action Battalion, a paramilitary force reputed for extrajudicial killings, to eliminate Razzak and his family. Mr. F. […]

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