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The Fallen Girl

The Fallen Girl

Mizan Rahman

The story was about two girls. One of them was called Mala, the other Jasmine.
Mala was 19, likely a village girl. Girls with a name like Mala usually do come from villages. Perhaps she was a darling to […]

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The very basis of Pakistan was religion. Before independence, the power house of Muslim League (ML) was mainly concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the then Bengal with Bombay-based Mr M A Jinnah at the helm. The conflict between Congress and ML on the issue of partition was that of mind set. Congress leadership grew […]

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Bangladesh’s invisible minority

Babu and Arif have been friends from childhood. They went to school together, played on the same cricket team and had no secrets – except one, but only until recently. While they were out having phuchkas at a street stand somewhere in Dhaka, Arif suddenly slipped into an awkward silence for a couple of seconds.

“Babu, shon, toke amarkichubolar ache… Listen, I want to tell you something…”

“What is it, dosto?”

“I haven’t been fully honest with you… Remember when I told you that I really like that girl? That wasn’t quite true. It’s actually her brother I like. I am gay.”

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The Hindu religious festival (ritual) “Maha Kumbha” has started on 14th January 2013 in Allahabad, India. It is a 12 yearly event. About 1.1 crores of Hindu devotees are expected to take holy dip in Trveni Sangam in Allahabad. Hindus consider Trveni Sangam, the confluence of three rivers, viz Ganga, Yamuna and under-ground Saraswati, a […]

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Plain Questions to Sheikh Hasina

Shafi Ahmed Chowdhury

I am not a professional writer nor have I any interest in the revengeful politics of our country. But I have a conscious and human mind. This is what compels me to put some questions to Madam Sheikh Hasina. I am doing it because I consider AL at least a political party […]

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