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A Letter of Complaint to the Facebook Authority for Deleting my statuses


Recently Facebook deleted some of my statuses, when a group of religious fanatics collectively targeted me (and some other freethinkers on Facebook) to report our “clean” statuses as ‘spam’. I am asking Facebook to restore all of my deleted statuses:
To the Facebook Customer Service Department,

For the past year, I, like thousands of other activists living […]

Shahbag movement – Rebuilding Bengali Identity (by Asif Mohiuddin)

[Moderator’s Note: Asif Mohiuddin who is currently in prison,  considered as one of the most outspoken atheist and humanist bloggers of Bangladesh. His writing—which was heavily critical of religious dogma, bigotry and superstition—and his political activism including the Jagannath University protests angered the government, as well as marked the beginning of the threats he received […]


A book entitled “Islam Dismantled”, written by Sujit Das, was published in 2012. In the book Sujit has portrayed Muhammad as a narcissist. He did so by examining and interpreting the information about the life and conducts of Muhammad available in Qur’an, Hadith and other sources vis-à-vis information about narcissism/narcissists available in different sources. The […]

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The Savar Massacre

The latest number of casualty from the Savar Massacre of 2013 due to the collapse of a 9-story building known as Rana Plaza (owned by Sohel Rana, a stalwart of the local branch of the Jubo League, an affiliate of Awami League which heads the current ruling coalition) exceeds 700 as of this writing! It […]

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In Which Direction Will the State Go? The state is at loggerhead with Fundamentalism [by Subrata Shuvo]

Moderator’s Note: Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, an eminent mukto-mona blogger, was arrested on April 1st  on charges of Blasphemy. He is one among the free-spirited online writers who are being punished for virally spreading their reason-based opinions. Not once did Shuvo violate any stated Bangladeshi law, yet his actions have been declared as a crime in […]


Blasphemy in Islam has no reference in Qur’an and Hadith. This is a later creation of Jurists (Ulema). The Ulema are a power hungry lot. They exert authority on all aspects of Muslims’ lives. Combination of politicians with Ulema in the issue of blasphemy law is deadly. Why a religion needs stringent blasphemy law to […]

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Viral Topics: Why They Define Our Generation

The opening scene of the movie Contagion begins with an amiable Gwyneth Paltrow drinking a cocktail while on a business trip in Tokyo. She coughs ever so slightly before leaning in to laugh good-naturedly at a friend’s passing remarks. To the casual observer, her cough would be a miniscule detail of the evening. Smiling freely, […]

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