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The ‘Attack’ on Sentiments

Four bloggers were put in jail and thousands of people agitated causing mass violence all due to one simple cause: the sentiment of some people got violated through the non-violent act of mere writings. Retaliation of a mental violation through physical aggression and punishment is unjust and disproportionate, but some people think that it is totally justified. In this writing, we explore how Farhad Mazhar and in general the post-modernist relativists may find this to be an opportunity to advance their own goal. It shows that an alliance between fundamental religious groups and the post-modern relativists is not all that bizarre. But before that, we first start with understanding the strict difference between a physical violation and a mental violation, and how putting the sentimental world before the physical world breeds injustice.


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All the famous statements and arguments of Allama Iqbal and M A Jinnah justifying the ‘Two Nation Theory’ have been proved to be wrong. Had they been alive now, they would have found that their prophecies and convictions about the future of Pakistan (and inadvertently Bangladesh) have been utter disasters.

Iqbal’s father was converted from […]

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Quota System Is Wrong for Jobs of Intellect

The premier educational institution of Bangladesh, Dhaka University, is in turmoil lately. Here are two newspaper headlines: 1) Violence, Vandalism at DU over Quota Protest, 2) Thursday’s Violence over Quota in BCS Exams: 1,700 BCS Job Seekers Sued.

What is going on there?

The results of the 34th BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) preliminary examination were published on […]

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