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Religious Slaughter of thousands of animals in Nepal

Hundreds of thousands of animals are going to be slaughtered in Nepal in the name of sacrifice to god in Hindu religion. Just see the gruesome pictures in the attached article published today in the Daily Mail in Britain.

I could not bear to see all the pictures! Awful, awful, awful.

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I wrote some weeks back in this blog that Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal has fallen in a tight corner situation due to involvement of her party members in the notorious ‘Saradha scam’. The Indian central investigating agency CBI has already arrested some of her senior party members. Very recently Mamata made a […]

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The girl of easy virtue of our village

One day in the evening, I was wandering with some of my friends along the earthen road beside the narrow river flowing near our overpopulated village. Suddenly, we heard a riotous noise coming from another part of our village. No sooner heard the noise, we rushed to the place. After we had reached there, we […]

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In ‘Bangla Blog’ of Mukto Mona, an article was posted recently on Kabir Suman. I feel obliged to write a few paragraphs about him in this blog.
Anybody can change his religion. It is his personal matter. But Kabir Suman’s assertive Muslimness after conversion to Islam has become possible as Hinduism does not have any concept […]

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DON’T MISS THE BUS – Lt. Gen. Ata Hasnain, Indian Army (Retd.)

Don’t miss the bus
Why Indian Muslims must support Prime Minister Modi
Syed Ata Hasnain

A roller coaster of an election has led to a result exceeding people’s expectations. For India’s Muslim population, the largest minority in the world, it is more of a shock. Their worst fears have come true, especially those who view Indian […]

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Islamists may feel elated that in Dar-al-harb called India, there is a small patch of virtual Waziristan where sort of Sharia is in practice in term of not allowing female students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) to enter its ‘Maulana Azad Library’ which has been declared ‘only for male students’.

The Vice Chancellor (VC) of […]

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