A Bangladeshi expatriate boy came out of a nightclub in Moscow city before the session came to an end. He was dressed with a winter jacket, jeans pants, a woolen cap and a pair of gloves for the temperature of the night was -04 degree Celsius and it was snowing incessantly all over the place. After having walked some way along a lane connecting the club and a highway, which was full of frost, he came nearer the highway on which there were neither buses nor cars but now and then a few taxi cabs running up and down. Suddenly, he noticed obscurely a figure beside a lamppost on the footpath of the highway before him. He took his mobile phone out of his pocket and cast his eyes on the screen to see the time. The time was 3 o’clock. Then he continued to walk ahead. After passing some distance, when he was very near the footpath, he caught sight of a girl covered with winter clothes puffing cigarette standing in silence. In a moment, perceiving someone approaching, the girl turned her face to him and smiled purposely and assuredly. She seemed to have got the thing finally for which she had been waiting for long in the very cold night. In return, the expatriate boy also smiled to her and hoping in mind that the girl might call him stood on the footpath not really far from her and also for taking a taxi to home since according to the governmental rule the subway trains keep their services off from 1am to 6 am.

After standing a moment, she heard the girl’s loud voice calling him as he had wished a moment before. Turning about, he comes to the girl and scrutinized her appearance. The girl was white and though rather fatty but robust in the form of the body. Her face was not colored unlike the girls at the streets of the Bangladeshi city at night.

The girl initiated the conversation followed below. Issuing some rings of smoke from her mouth, she said jovially “Hey friend, how are you? Where have you come from, just now? The boy said, pointing his hand to the direction of the nightclub, “Oh, I am fine and I just have come out of the night club.” The girl continued, “why did you go there, to dance with Russian hot girls, buy them drinks, make affair and then to screw them, huh? Oh, I feel sorry for you that you couldn’t manage even one. Well, I am also Russian and if you feel enough temptation to me then you can take me to your room only for two thousand rubles. Because of that money, you will get rid of the tedious job of making love affair with me. You know, as to make love affair with me or any other girl you have to spend ten times more than the money I require to get fucked by you without any kind of personal affair. Well, as in love affairs firstly mental intercourse and then physical, as well you have to give me the money first, then have sex for money alone fills the space of mental intercourse. Moreover, another cause of giving me the money is that in this case it is enough that you feel sexual attraction to me, whereas If I have temptation to you or not is not a matter. And in every case I will regard you as though I was very much attracted to you. When I take money from boys, I perform the same whether they are good looking or bad looking.

The boy took a cigarette from her, lighted it up, issued a great deal of smoke and said in inebriated tone since he was much intoxicated with cheap vodka, “Oh, yeah, making love affair with girls and then keeping it alive is really a burdensome job and it cost lots of money and time in any corner of the world. The girls are all the same as in our country as well in Russia. As I don’t know the tactics of getting laid with girls in short time as well don’t have enough time and money to spend with them as to continue a love affair. So I know, I am bound to pay a little in order to go bed with them. Anyway, though you rather fatty, but you seemed so sexy to me. But the problem is I can’t bear the expense you have demanded.”
The girl became grave and said, “Your sorrows touch me in the deepest part of my heart, and I become sympathized with you also. So I am ready to go with you for one thousand and five hundred rubles. Five hundred is discounted for you.”

The boy took off a glove and said in lustful tone as he started caressing the girl’s cheeks with his naked hand, “I feel a great attraction to you very much, fatty girl. You know, in Bangladesh, big is beautiful. As to screw you, I wish eagerly to take you with me for tonight, but I am sorry I don’t have that money even with your concession.

The girl said, letting the boy’s hand move over her face, “Well, just tell me, as the price of getting fucked by you without any kind of love affair, and being totally indifferent to your countenance, how much I can obtain from you.”

The boy said, laughing mockingly and trying his hand to advance to her massive boobs under the jacket, “I have only one hundred and fifty rubles though not in cash, but in bank card, and for that money I will frig you wildly but in silence. If you agree, then come with me. As I have to provide you the money first, therefore, now, I must go to a bank booth, take the cash and then pay you. Now, just tell me, there is any bank around. And if there is, whether it is open or already closed? If any bank is open nearby, tell me the direction of the bank.”

The boy scarcely pronounced the last sentence, on his face, he felt a great stroke of a strong fist without gloves as his own hand was, which has just started to play with her big tits. Before the time he had recovered, got another one greater than before, and then begun to get kicked to the lower parts of his body. These blows and kicks the boy acquired so repeatedly that he reflected three or four muscle men together started boxing, thumping and kicking on his whole body, mainly on his face. But for sure, it was the girl alone because there was no one around but the girl. At last he experienced a massive kick with a heavy boot upon his testicles and in no time losing his bodily balance, finally he falls down on the ground covered with rime. Nevertheless, the boy couldn’t dispose of getting kicked, thumped, and punched. Just as the boy was knocked down, the girl seated herself on his breast and again started boxing thumping wildly on his face already severely wounded. The girl kept her too restless beating him that there was no opportunity of issuing a single word from her mouth.
The expatriate boy had wanted to say from the first, “please forgive me, I am sorry for what I have done and said to you. I am really sorry, and entreat you leave me please. If you continue more I will be dead by the time. I have already got lesson too much to say and do anything like that to girls ever in my life.” But his mouth was, so occupied in getting blows and bangs that he also didn’t get any chance to articulate this appellation.

So everything had been happening wildly, but in silence.