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In an obscure corner of Russia, a local court banned “Geeta” (the famous Hindu Religious Book) last year for being a book which describes and promotes violence. The members of RSS and similar Hindu organizations in India became vocal with protests against that court verdict. But as the said court was far away, Indian Hindu […]

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Saraswati Puja at Bangladesh Parliament – It is Progress Indeed

{Postscript from the Author (January 27, 2015): It is a great disappointment that in spite of the initial consent by the Prime Minister and approval by the Speaker, there was actually no Saraswati Puja at the Bangladesh Parliament. I am not sure why the big leaders’ approvals were not implemented. But there is no doubt […]

Wrath and Happiness over the same incident

Fahad was thinking randomly about various things not connected with each other with his eyes half closed, sitting on a seat beside a window on a bus full of passengers, and the bus was running along the highway in Dhaka city at night nearly eleven o’clock. All of a sudden, he perceived obscurely that the […]

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A tribute to Dr. Mizan Rahman

I have read Avijit Roy’s piece published in Mukto-Mona Bangla Blog, titled, ‘বিদায় মীজান ভাই, গুড বাই’.

I wish I could write this in Bangla.

Many years ago, at my home in Manhattan, I received a call from Ottawa. The caller was Dr. Mizan Rahman. I did not know him then, but had read some of his […]

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