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Brutality of religious fanatics

Another most barbaric, most heinous crime had been committed by religious fanatics in the name of religion in full public view on the street of Dhaka. Dr. Avijit Kumar Roy, a Bioengineer presently working in software engineering in the USA, had been brutally murdered as he and his wife were going home at about 9:00 […]

A Note of Salute to Avijit Roy

Yesterday, when my wife was reading news from Bangladesh on the internet, she told me that she was reading about the murder of Avijit Roy in Dhaka. I exclaimed to her, “our Avijit?”, got on to internet immediately, and started reading the news myself. I felt like I was having a nightmare, did not want […]


Some brain-dead Islamist bigots have murdered Avijit in Dhaka yesterday. I have no word to condemn this heinous crime perpetuated by these Islamist cowards. When such Islamist cowards failed in intellectual discourse with avijit and when they found that their dogma has been proved hollow by Avijit, they settled the score by murdering him. I […]

An analogy of the atrocities committed by Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and similar forces in the world

By: Shabbir Ahmed.

The whole world is watching the rise of many Islamic terrorist forces in different countries. Many people have been horrified by the violence and the manifestation of the terror caused by the ferocity and brutality associated with this rise. It was believed that in some countries they were downsized in numbers and […]

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A faded image

My high school situated in a country town was a boys’ school, for that reason we scarcely saw girls nearby. There was also a girls’ school not really far from ours. Often the teaching period of the girls’ school came to an end before the proper time, most often in our tiffin period, for the […]

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A Depraved State

Having observed unremitting political schism, egregious falsification and unbridled corruption by politicians of all shades of colour in Bangladesh for nearly four and half decades, time is now ripe to speak out loud and clear and point out the root cause of national malaise. This is not the country which once inspired and galvanised people […]

The girl with curved nose

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a girl whose nose was carved in the middle of it. I was proud of her, thinking in mind that apart from her there was no girl in all over the world who had a curved nose. Her curved nose, mainly, caused me a great fascination […]

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